NBA Playoff Tickets- Bulls Being Challenged

by on May 10, 2011 updated May 10, 2011

The Chicago Bulls were patting  themselves on the back, and rightfully so, after winning 62 games and securing the top sot in the NBA Eastern Conference. That spot had been delegated long ago to either the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics. But the Bulls earned it fair and square and with it came the onus of expectation. Let’s face it. You could win every game in the regular season but if in the end someone else is crowned NBA Champion, it doesn’t mean anything.

But the Bulls were certainly aware that winning the top seed wasn’t enough. From the beginning they expressed pride in their achievement, but were very clear that there was more work to be done. I don’t think anyone realized how much work the Atlanta Hawks were going to be. As of this writing the Hawks have been surprisingly resilient, having now pushed the conference’s top seed into a 2-2 tie in the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals.

Do the Chicago Bulls have enough left to win this series with an Atlanta Hawks team that refuses to go away easily? Yes they do. I think the Bulls will be just good enough to get past Atlanta. From there, the challenge is either Miami or Boston.


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