NBA Playoff Tickets Beckon – On with the Show

by on April 6, 2009 updated April 6, 2009

 It’s that time of year. NBA Playoff tickets are sounding their elusive call, a rare treat for some, a common occurence for others. Let’s take a look now at the Eastern Conference, where some surprisingly strong teams make the push for post-season superiority.

Boston Celtics – The Celtics have clinched the Atlantic Division by a wide margin. Almost 20 games seperates themselves from their nearest competitor in the division, the Philadelphia 76ers. The reigning champs have to be considered the favorites of the conference.

Philadelphia 76ers – In my mind the 76ers are an afterthought, the beneficiaries of a weak division, cannon fodder for the rest.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Lebron James and co. are the class of the Central, possibly the weakest in the NBA. Will they be there in the end? I don’t think so. they’re still too much af a 1-man NBA sideshow.

Orlando Magic – For some reason I really like the Magic’s chances. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just your turn.

Atlanta Hawks – They’re in the NBA Playoffs but realistically I don’t give them much chance. They’re part of what I see as a low level shootout.

Miami Heat – Same with the Heat. It’s nice that they’re in the NBA Playoffs, and miracles still happen every day, but logically they’re just filling a slot with no real chance.


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