NBA Finals Tickets – Cavaliers vs Warriors

by on May 28, 2015 updated May 28, 2015

 NBA Finals Tickets are Here!!



The NBA Finals are ready to kick off and we have all the NBA Finals tickets you need. You also have a little time, not a lot of time, but a little time before you’re handing your tickets to someone at the gate because this NBA Finals is starting on June 4th.

Because the Cavaliers were able to pull off a sweep and the Golden State Warriors finished things off almost ass quickly, the NBA is going to have a seven day wait before kicking off the NBA Finals this season. It’s kind of an unusual situation but one sure to build plenty of speculation and interest over the next seven days.

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers met twice this season but because of the situations it’s going to be hard to cull any definitive information from those two games. The Cavs were off to a bad start, LeBron james was just getting back into the action, and in truth the Cavaliers that played that game aren’t the same team that will try to bring James another NBA title.

Round 2 came in Cleveland and the Cavaliers were in much better shape, taking the game handily. Again, don’t read a whole lot into it. The Warriors played poorly and finished the season as perhaps the strongest team in the NBA, which is why Las Vegas has them currently at 5-12 to take the NBA title.

Make no mistake though, this is going to make your NBA tickets much more interesting. LeBron James has built the Cleveland Cavaliers into a team that perfectly complements his talents. Problems are there though. Kyrie Irving is ailing for one thing and one of the Cavaliers key players, Kevin Love, is not going to be on the court at all.

The Golden State warriors will be battling the onus of being the favorite with all eyes upon them, something that’s more formidable than you’d think. It’s also going to be up to Golden State to keep up the barrage of shots from behind the line and play defense at a high level, something they’ve done in the playoffs but may have a harder time doing against Cleveland.

Get pack, get ready, and get your NBA Finals tickets because seven days just isn’t that long.


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