NBA Finals – Ticket to History?

by on June 4, 2009 updated June 4, 2009

 While everyone was looking for a Cleveland Cavaliers – Los Angeles Lakers, we didn’t get it. But thiis matchup between the Lakers and the Orlando Magic has a certain charm. For one thing you’ve still got a superstar matchup, it’s just between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. Secondly, I think we’ve got a matchup that will feature two BETTER teams, or at least one. The Orlando Magic have been playing well but Dwight Howard has been playing VERY well. His supporting cast is what propelled the Magic past the Cavs and that should pay off in the NBA Finals.

 For the Lakers, this is a chance to redeem themselves from last season’s loss. For the Lakers Phil Jackson, it’s a chance to cement his legend beyond that of Red Aeurbach. Why anyone cares I don’t know. Who’s greater is simply a matter of opinion, nothing more nothing less. For Kobe Bryant it’s the shot at wearing his fourth NBA Championship ring. For the Magic, it’s a chance to finally put paid to years of frustration. Which factor will play into this NBA Championship the most? Team play. A team will win it. Not one guy. I like the Magic but respect the Lakers enough to call it a seven game series.


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