NBA Economics – The Sucker Punch

by on January 10, 2009 updated January 10, 2009

 You gotta love it. The Portland Trail Blazers have sent out a warning that any team signing Darius Miles might get sued. It seems the Blazers have put themselves in position to accrue $18 million in salary cap additions should Miles play another two games for any team. Franchises with a grudge against Portland could put a crimp in their budget with the stroke of a pen. Takers anyone?

Meanwhile, back in Beantown, the Boston Celtics are in freefall. The defending NBA Champions have lost four straight, including a humiliating defeat by the New York Knicks. Back to back games against the Toronto Raptors offer a chance at redemption. Then again, Toronto has won four of their last five. The good thing though is that Boston still has a 10-game lead over the New Jersey Nets in the Atlantic Division. Stay tuned.  


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