NBA Dreams

by on January 16, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

¬†Well into the NBA schedule and some teams have legitimate dreams for the postseason. The Boston Celtics for one. At 31-6 they would seem to be a lock. The only dark clud on the hrizon is that they’ve lost three of thos egames in the last four.Time will tell.

The Detroit Pistons have begun to seperate themselves from the rest of the Central Division. The Cavaliers are still in striking distance but need the Pistons to falter.

The Southeast is a muddled mess. The Magic are in the lead at the moment but seem entirely willing to let the washington Wizards play catchup.

You gotta love the Southwest. Three teams are sporting at least 25 wins with the San Antonio Spurs ahead by tiebreakers. watch this group. A tough division breeds champions.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a surprise. they seem to have weathered the disgruntled Kobe storm and are playing weel Good things are ahead if injury doesn’t derail the Lakers train.

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