NASCAR Tickets – No Confusing Points Here

by on January 29, 2011 updated January 29, 2011

If you were a fan with NASCAR tickets like me, you were probably baffled by the points system. For the most part I just went and enjoyed the fun of NASCAR racing and let the points system work itself out. I didn’t care to figure it out and having no particular driver I was worried with, it didn’t matter to me who finished where.

But the countless NASCAR fans who have one guy to root for didn’t care for that system and racing powers that be have now come to an accord and the NASCAR point system has been simlified to the extent that now even I can figure it out. The winner of any NASCAR contest gets 43 points plus 3 points and then an additional point for leading a lap and another if he leads for the most laps in the race. The #2 guy gets 42 points and it goes down a point by position from there on out.

Of course, once you get to The Chase they’ve thrown in a whole new set of criteria and I really don’t want to explore that. let’s just say we’ll keep an eye on ot and when the times comes we’ll get into NASCAR mathematics and let it rip then. Maybe my 11 year old will help me figure it out.


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