NASCAR Tickets – Earnhardt’s Validation

by on September 3, 2011 updated July 5, 2014

OK, so I’m not a big fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. And when I started lining up my NASCAR tickets this season I have to admit that the thought of Dale Earnhardt Jr. being involved in the Race for the Chase just wasn’t really in my scope of the universe. While I believe that Earnhardt has been good for NASCAR and has brought a fair amount of attention to the sport, I have never believed him to be a capable driver, or at least one of the most capable.

But it seems I may have been wrong. Or more to the point, I may have underestimated Dale Earnhardt Jr in his newest incarnation. The guy seems to have arrived at a good place. His earning of a spot in The Chase comes after a change of scenery and Dale Earnhardt Jr. is man enough to admit that he’s blown some big opportunities in the past. I like that.

Earnhardt has been consistent all season, a driver with a chip on his shoulder. Now he’s managed to get himself into the final round and he’s got to keep himself there. Am I predicting the ultimate victory for him? No. But I do believe he’s opened a window previously nailed shut. And when I get my NASCAR tickets now, Dale Earnhardt Jr. may just cross my mind.

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