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by on June 21, 2011 updated June 21, 2011

The NASCAR season has been underway for awhile, at least long enough for stupid people like me to start speculating over which drivers in NASCAR have enough oomph, and a good enough team behind them, to make a run at The Chase. Here’s my Top 5 in NASCAR.

Kyle Busch – Busch currently stands at the #4 spot in the points total. Over his last few races though, Busch seems to have found some continuity. It’s all a matter of hanging around till the end in NASCAR, and with a steady beat Kyle Busch should make the rest of the NASCAR season his own.

Carl Edwards – Another guy who is just staying on pace, biding his time, and getting ready for a big move. Currently the points leader, it’s hard to see a collapse here. Edwards and his team are gearing up for the long haul to qualifying.

Matt Kenseth – Seen as a dark horse by some in NASCAR at the beginning of the season, Kenseth is gaining more and more believers as the NASCAR season goes on. What’s more, he’s been improving in his race strategy and learning quickly what it takes to finish strong without taking too much risk and blowing the whole thing.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Wile I’ve never been enamored of Earnhardt, I’m not too proud to say that maybe I was wrong. Millions of NASCAR fans have been waiting for a season in which Earnhardt lives up to his moniker. This could be that season. While I’m not ready to crown him the best just yet, I do believe Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be in the running at the end.

Kevin Harvick – I had to pick someone didn’t I. And while my friends argue that Jimmie Johnson might be a better choice, I’m going to stick with Harvick. I just like a guy who won’t quit and that’s Harvick.


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