NASCAR – Spring Cup Changes

by on January 30, 2014 updated January 30, 2014

 NASCAR is looking to broaden things up a bit and revitalize their fan base. To do that they’ve got to make the results more relevant and keep fans of particualr drivers in the game longer. I’m good with that. It’s worked for other sports and should work for NASCAR as long as things don’t go too far.


 So, the latest to come out of the NASCAR braintrust?

 If you win you’re in. Almost. Grabbing a first place finish in one of the preceeding races is going to get you very close to qualifying for the Spring Cup. Not a lock mind you but if you win you should be in.

 The Creation of NASCAR Chase Grid. The number of drivers getting into the grid has been upped from 12 to 16, meaning more interest and more chance of a longshot making it happen.

Challenger Round – Naming the first three races in the Chase is a promotional branding deal. OK.

 Win in the Chase round and you are in.

 A more complicated scoring system involving wins, laps led, and a bonus award.

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