NASCAR Debate – Jr. a Pretender?

by on July 16, 2009 updated July 16, 2009

 Dale Earnhardt Jr. is probably the most loved and most reviled athlete on the Sprint Cup Circuit today. And has been for the last few years. There’s an interesting article on Yahoo! that points out some pertinent facts surrounding Jr. and the adoration and revulsion of the fans. Despite being one of, if not the most, popular driver on the circuit, Dale earnhardt Jr. has never won it all. He’s rarely even come close. The legions of his detractors point this out on a regular basis. Even today, you probably couldn’t include Earnhardt as one of the better drivers in NASCAR and he’s not an up and comer. All this I totally agree with. But the article goes on to say that what makes Earnhardt great is his BRANDING. What the heck is this? Does winning not count for anything anymore? If you have a good marketing department around you that makes you a figurehead for your sport? He may be right but the mantle of superior driving skills sits very uncomfortable on Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Anyway, here’s what to look for when perusing the net for your NASCAR tickets.

Allstate 400 at the Brickyard – July 26th A classic NASCAR contest. If you’re a fan you have to add this to your schedule.

Michigan 400 -  August 16th Last year Carl Edwards made this the second of three consecutive victories. I doubt that will happen this year. 

Sharpie 500 – Battle at Bristol as the number of opportunities begins to dwindle. This is really the first race of the home stretch. To me anyway.


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