Nobody Named Norv #7

by on January 16, 2014 updated April 30, 2014

Super Bowl Tickets are Still Out There!!


News is out that the Minnesota Vikings, who recently hired Mike Zimmer as their new Head Coach by the way, are looking at Norv Turner as Offensvive Coordinator. This news was greeted by me personally as fantastic infor mation. When Turner was the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers I annually ran an article entitled “Nobody Named Norv” in which I postulated that the biggest obstacle standing between the Chargers and  Super Bowl was Norv Turner.

Here’s an example

Here’s Another

Not because Norv Turner was a bad coach or a an offensive idiot or anything like that. Turner obviously has some football smarts. No, my theory is that the Gods of Football would never smile on a man named Norv simple because Norv just isn’t a football name. In fact, I defy anyone to find a football player in history named Norv other than Norv Turner. Super Bowl winning coaches, with rare exceptions, tend to be named Jimmy, or Sean, or Tom, or Mike, or some well established All-American moniker. Not Norv.

My question now is whether this curse would extend down to Offensive Coordinators or does it strictly apply to Head Coaches in the NFL? Will the Curse of Norv descend on Minnesota? More importantly, dare I go out on a limb and resume writing my annual “Nobody Named Norv” piece which I’ve grown to love? If Zimmer and the Vikings turn to Norv Turner…..I think I just might.

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