Nobody Named Norv – For Like the 5th Time

by on November 2, 2011 updated August 24, 2012


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I’ve been writing this blog for a few years and I return once again, as I do annually, to my problem with the San Diego Chargers. You see, my contention is that nobody named Norv will ever be a Super Bowl winning Head Coach. And the coach of the San Diego Chargers is NORV Turner. Can you see the problem here?

Super Bowl winning coaches have names we can relate to. Like Vince, Jimmy, Sean, Don, etc, etc. Somehow I just can’t wrap my head around a guy named Norv winning a Super Bowl. And this is despite the fact that the San Diego Chargers have at times been a very talented team quite capable of going all the way. I can remember more than once watching the Chargers go on long winning streaks and putting my theory to the test. But as of right now, my theory, that nobody named Norv will ever win a Super Bowl, has held the test of time.

Once again in the 2011 NFL season I am putting my reputation on the line. I am calling out the San Diego Chargers to prove me wrong. And if they don’t, can I ask how long the Chargers will keep a coach with a name that holistically prevents his franchise from winning the Super Bowl?

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