My Ticket Home

by on January 24, 2009 updated January 24, 2009

 I’ve been overseas. In a war zone. For a year. Less R & R. I’m heading home and I’ve got plans. While I’d like Super Bowl tickets I won’t make it home in time.

 I’ve opted for the following:

Hornets Tickets – Finally my hometown has a team that contends. But I have to say the New Orleans Saints do dish out some hope now.

Britney Spears Tickets – I have three daughters. What else can I say?

Nickelback Tickets – For my wife.

Robin Williams Tickets – These are for me.

B.B. King Tickets – The House of Blues, B.B., and a cold beer.

Unforunately I’ll miss Better Than Ezra while I’m in Disneyworld. You can’t have it all.


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