My Sox are Faded

by on October 18, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 Lord, what high hopes I had for my Red Sox tickets. You know how it is. Decades of mind numbing losses should be counterbalanced on the wheel of karma with at least a few World Series trips right? Yes, the Sox broke their World Series jinx. But is one triumphant year all we get.

The Red Sox have gone from blazing to battered and are now no better than pink socks accidentally bleached with the rest of my tattered underwaer. From the pinnacle to the pits in shortly over a week. Bring me back the heady days of last week.

Just as a side note I was happy to see the New York Yankees insult Joe Torres by only offering a one year deal. The last thing I need is for New York to have a decent manager.

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