My Concert Tickets Wish List

by on October 29, 2008 updated October 29, 2008

OK, so I missed R.E.M. at the Voodoo fest in New Orleans. I wish I could have been there but duty calls. with the economy collapsing, millions losing their homes due to foreclosure, banks failing, and no way for me to get in line for the bailout money I figured it wasn’t the time to tell the boss I was taking the day off. I do have the rght to dream though and here’s what I’m thinking I might want:

Metallica Tickets – These heavy metal bandits visit my hometown in November. Who cares if their last album didn’t make the grade? They’ve got too much older stuff that’s better than anything.

The Eagles Tickets – Heck, I can drive to Houston for the Eagles. No sweat.

Coldplay Tickets – This means a trip to Atlanta to make my wife happy. But I would get to visit my friend Dancin Dave. He’ll probably want me to see The White Stripes, according to him “The best band ever.”

Tina Turner Tickets – Another trip to Hotlanta is in the cards. Now, if we can only persuade Bryan Adams to show up and do ”It’s Only Love” 

That my concert ticket wish list for the time being. There’s more to see and do but hey for right now it’s just dreaming.



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