Murray Magic at Wimbledon – On to US Open

by on July 8, 2013 updated April 19, 2014


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When it’s been over a quarter century since a hometown boy brought home the championship things can get pretty electric. Wimbledon tennis is just that way. So when Andy Murray pushed himself into position to take home the mens championship things got very exciting to say the least. But it was a long drawn out affair and wasn’t going to happen easily. Murray and Novak Djokovic went at it hot and heavy, Murray on the verge of breaking through and Djokovic absolutely refusing to quietly into the Wimbledon night.

Three match points, three break points. One of the finest Finals events at Wimbledon in years. But when it was all over Andy Murray gave England it’s first championship in 77 years in a tournament that has come to symbolize the best that tennis tickets have to offer. The significance of the match and it’s epic proportions were spelled out by Murray shortly after. “That last game will be the toughest game I’ll play in my career. Ever,” the newly crowned Wimbledon Champion said after it was all over.

A big day for England and a big day for Murray. Even the Queen got into the act by sending Murray a congratulatory message representing the whole country. Now it’s on to the US Open for Murray, the Englishman who just beat the top ranked tennis player in the world for a slice of hometown heaven.



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