MLB Tickets – Yankees vs Rangers

by on January 29, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

It ain’t happening on the baseball field but it’s still MLB ticket worthy. Baseball fans would line up to see this.

The New York Yankees Randy Levine is PO’d at the Texas Rangers over the whole Cliff lee deal. I don’t really understand it, I just find it amusing that the New York Yankees would be taking potshots at another franchise. I guess being the most hated team in the MLB (no jealousy here) gets kinda old and when you get a chance to return some of that non-love you just do it.

Here’s what Levine had to say:

“I think Chuck is delusional,” Levine told “He has been running the Rangers for a few minutes and seems to believe he’s mastered what everyone else is thinking. I think he should let Cliff Lee speak for himself. I’ll be impressed when he demonstrates he can keep the Rangers off welfare. What I mean is make them not be a revenue-sharing recipient for three years in a row, without taking financing from baseball or advance money from television networks. Then I’ll be impressed.”

I don’t guess this has anything to do with the Rangers knocking the Yankees out of the playoffs. But it might.

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