MLB Tickets – Playoffs Should Expand

by on November 19, 2010 updated November 19, 2010

 MLB tickets will probably offer a little something extra in the coming seasons. It seems almost preordained that the MLB will be moving to increase the numbers of teams participating in post-season play as soon as the next MLB season. Bud Selig has been pushing this move for awhile now, hoping to get basball fans riled up again and renew interest by keeping more teams in contention for a World series. It’s a good move and hopefully one that will help Major league Baseball compete against the growing strength of the NFL. But the MLB should be careful. I am one of many who feel that this can be taken too far. For example, I think the NBA brings too many teams into the mix. This waters down the competition and devalues the playoff spot. MLB tickets need the boost of added competition but Selig must walk the line between adding flavor and watering down the brew.

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