MLB Tickets – Opening Day

by on April 8, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

From the perspective of a 100+ game season, winning or losing that opening game may not seem like a big deal. But isn’t it always nicer to get off to a good start? For those lucky enough to have MLB tickets to opening day, and not be stuck in cold and rainy Afghanistan, I hope you enjoyed it.

Overall, games were solid. Maybe 2009 Mets tickets will shrug off that late game and late season fade that’s daunted them for the last two years. I didn’t get to see any of the Boston Red Sox game against the Tampa Bay Rays but all accounts have Josh Beckett back in form. If he stays that way the Red Sox will challenge for another World Series. My, how things have changed. As the Red Sox ascend the New York Yankees reach into the trick bag for more uncertainty. Was that really Sabathia on the mound? Old C.C. will have to do better than that to justify a gazillion-dollar contract, in a recession no less, in the fishbowl of Yankee Satdium.

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