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by on March 5, 2013 updated March 5, 2013


MLB Baseball Tickets


It’s entirely possible that Cleveland Indians tickets could bring plenty of excitement to the AL Central. To do that they’ll have to have a little more consistency and some sticky fingers. A trip back in time shows that Cleveland was able to gain the edge in the division last season and hang on for long periods of time. But when push came to shove things broke down and the Indians eventually gave in to Detroit.

The 2013 MLB season brings room for optimism for Indians ticket holders. It remains to be seen whether new Manager Terry Francona can bring that steady hand to the Indians. he did pretty well in Boston but now that he’s made his way to Cleveland we’ll see whether the rubber hits the road. He’ll be working with less and asking more so it’s going to take some astute moves to keep the Indians relevant.

He’s going to have to find some way to get better production from his starting pitching. Justin Masterson and Ubaldo Jiminez are capable but not dominating as evidenced by their showing last season where they managed to win about half the time. If this pair can’t improve on that the Indians are in trouble…..unless they find a gem or two among the remaining arms. Closing game isn’t the issue. Chris Perez, he of the sharp tongue, is one of the better in the division but he really needs to keep his mouth shut and play ball.

The lineup looks like Michael Brantley playing leadoff followed by Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera. Cabrera especially needs to be as productive in the later parts of the season as he is in the early stages. He’s not an inspirational leader.

Overall, Cleveland Indians tickets have the potential but there’s some shaky areas that need improvement. It’s going to be the job of Manager Terry Francona to keep things glued together.

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