MLB Tickets – Dodgers Winning the West (And other Baseball Stuff)

by on August 28, 2009 updated August 28, 2009

 The LA Dodgers just completed a nice win over the Colorado Rockies. Pretty routine stuff right? Well, not really. The Dodgers have now put themselves in position to win the West. With 30-something games remaining, it’s going to be hard for anyone to overcome the four game lead Los Angeles has now built up. Assuming there’s no complete collapse, the Dodgers will be looking at post-season play.

 Meanwhile, the Oakland A’s just shut out the Los Angeles Angels is a West Coast rivalry game. Trevor Cahill somehow found a way to eclipse a good Angels offense, holding them to three hits with the help of some relief pitching. The win means the A’s, currently sitting at the bottom of the division, have kept the Angels within striking distance for the Texas Rangers. On their own behalf, the Rangers just took a 7-2 win over the Yankees and appear poised to give the Angels a run for their money.


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