MLB Tickets – Dodger Drama

by on February 15, 2010 updated February 15, 2010

 Man, the things that can sink a franchise. You’d think that ownership of an MLB franchise would be a pretty sure thing. A huge enterprise, most MLB franchises are locked down solid by one particular entity. Not so the LA Dodgers.

 The fate of one of the most famous MLB teams in the world hinges largely on a divorce case now pending. Owner Frank McCourt and his soon to be ex-wife Jamie will begin wheeling and dealing in court come May for control of the Dodgers. It all hinges on a deal the couple made a few years back in which they swapped off assets in the event of a split. But Jamie wants the franchise and feels like she’ll be a better owner, more willing to spend in the market and keep the Dodgers competitive while Frank just wants to soak of money. Who’s right? I wouldn’t even speculate, but it seem funny that the LA Dodgers ownership is engaged in a battle more fitting for the living room than the courtroom.


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