MLB Tickets – The New Last Chance

by on March 2, 2012 updated March 2, 2012

Major League Baseball has implemented a new playoff scenario, adding two teams to the mix. The format is a win and you’re in, lose and go home setup, where two teams will meet to determine who goes on and who goes home looks like a winner to me.
This gives one team, preferably a team who ,to get hot at the end of the season, a chance to go on that fabled hot streak and win a World Series. Unlikely? Maybe? But not more unlikely than an NFL Wild Card team going on to win a Super Bowl. And we’ve seen that done before.
The change comes a year earlier than planned, and seems to have the support of most owners and players. After all, it’s another shot at getting into the biggest show in baseball and who can pass that up? For all it’s flaws, and there are a few, the extra team in the playoffs, and the sudden death atmosphere, give baseball fans a little extra something for their loyalty. And that’s a good thing.

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