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by on March 2, 2013 updated March 2, 2013

MLB Baseball Tickets

Toronto Blue Jays tickets needed a major jolt to revive fan interest and excitement after a long series of mediocre season so Toronto opted to play the raider in the lull between years. The Blue Jays went fishing, snagging a trio of Marlins and an arm from New York. A few managements changes, some risky signings, and the next thing you know folks are calling for the Blue Jays to be a force in the AL east for the first time in a decade.

 If you’re building a baseball team you could do a lot worse than looking to Florida for promising young talent. While the Marlins can’t win it all they can be competitive but they’re too cheap to keep anyone promising. So Toronto put out some money and nabbed the Florida talent, picking up Josh Johnson, and Ricky Buehrle to help fill out the rotation. R.A Dickey came over from the Mets to lend his Cy Young winning talent to the Blue Jays pitching staff and if everyone stays healthy they’ll be much improved. Johnson had some shoulder problems a few years back but his progress has been excellent and he managed an entire season last year so hopes are high from that angle. Buehrle is a guy you can bank on. He may not be a standout but he’ll be there for you throughout the season.

 The riskiest move made by Toronto was the inking of Melky Cabrera, who became ensnared in a testosterone fiasco during his time with the Giants. The question of course is whether or not he can recapture the magic without the potion. If he does he can be counted on to hit at .300. If he can’t then the Blue Jays have just blown $16 million. Kind of a big gamble but the payoff is big too.

 The AL East is as open as it’s ever going to be. With the Yankees getting older and the Boston Red Sox recovering from a huge mess of a season, the Toronto Blue Jays have an open door in the AL East.  It’s not out of reason for Toronto to at least make the playoffs if not capture the division outright.

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