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2012 MLB tickets come packed with plenty of excitement and even more questions. Like most years there will be some old time favorites and new upstarts to confound the situation. Baseball tickets have a way of making fools of us all and our pre-season predictions. It happens even more often in the days of free agency and player movement. But now that the dust has settled we can look at some of the teams that we believe will make big moves in 2012.

Los Angeles Angels – The Angels signed Albert Pujols and starting pitcher C.J. Wilson. That makes them odds on favorites in the AL West.
Detroit Tigers – Coming back from a productive 2011 the Detroit Tigers have everyone in place to get the job done. With Verlander on the mound in key games the Tigers can match up with anyone.
New York Yankees – Naturally the New York Yankees powered past other teams with big name signings. Favored in the East, New York needs to secure another World Series ring with this core group of players so they can bow out gracefully.
Philadelphia Phillies – The Phillies have the arms on the mound. They’ll need a strong offense to continue scoring and win the NL East.
Cincinnati Reds – Balance, balance, and more balance gives the Reds the best shot to win the NL Central. Other teams can outhit or outpitch Cincinnati, but they can’t do everything as well as the Reds do everything.
San Francisco Giants – Do the Giants have the best pitching rotation in baseball? Probably. Can they hit the ball? Looks like they will in 2012 if medical reports are true and stay that way.

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