MLB Standings – The Finishing Burst

by on August 23, 2012 updated August 23, 2012


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Major League Baseball is entering a crucial phase of the season as the playoffs approach. Somewhere out there is a team that’s going to put on a finishing burst and put themselves squarely in the running for a World Series. But all we, as baseball ticket buyers can do, is hang on to our hats and pull for our teams. Here’s the way things look.


The New York Yankees are leading the AL East but over the past two weeks have seen their six-game lead dwindle in half. Both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Baltimore Orioles are in striking distance.

In the AL Central the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers are running neck and neck. This one’s going to be interesting.

The Texas Rangers currently hold a five game lead over Oakland. realistically I don’t see this changing much.

The NL East is seeing something pretty unusual as the Washington Nationals now look like the team to beat, clinging to a six-game lead over Atlanta.

In the NL Central the Cincinnati Reds are in even better shape as the Cardinals and Pirates trail by eight games, creating a Wild Card scenario that should be pretty lively.

Finally the NL West is shaping up as really competitive as the San Francisco Giants are battling the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are a mere pair of games behind.

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