MLB Madness – Bonds is Guilty…..Surprise!

by on April 13, 2011 updated July 5, 2014

OK, so I’m a cynical old b*stard. But for God’s sake who didn’t see this coming. Barry Bonds, former MLB great, and he was great, was found guilty today of obstruction of justice. Apparently, and here’s the hard to believe part, Barry Bonds knowingly took steroids and then (gasp) lied to a grand jury about it. I know, it’s a shocker.

I’m not going to claim some great knowledge of these events but it had to be obvious to most that Barry Bonds had a real problem going into this trial. The evidence was there, the witnesses were credible. Yet, Bonds denied all the odds and took it to the hilt, the same way he approached hitting the ball. It’s a shame really. I believe had he admitted mistakes were made, and we’ve all made them, he might still have had a shot at the Hall of Fame. Maybe in a few years we’ll forgive him, but in the short term, Bonds has no chance. Although I do believe he deserves his spot, I can’t see the people who do the voting, and are charged with preserving the sanctity and purity of Major league Baseball (guffaw) will be so forgiving. Here’s to you, Barry and good luck with the appeals process.

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