Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys

by on January 13, 2010 updated January 13, 2010

 While the Minnesota Vikings have been on a path to the playoff since the beginning of the season, the Dallas Cowboys took the hard road. Playing break even NFL football until December the Cowboys unleashed a blizzard to end the year and put paid to their late season woes of the past few years. In point of fact the Dallas Cowboys are playing better football than they have all year.


 The Minnesota Vikings have taken a different path. Shooting out of the gate the Vikings looked unstoppable as Brett Favre had one of the best years of a perennial Pro Bowl career. But in the past few weeks the Vikings suffered a malaise and ended the year with back to back losses and some press coverage over dissension between Favre and Childress.


 With home field advantage the Vikings might have the edge. It also seems to me that Minnesota wield a double edged sword, capable of cutting with the running of Adrian Peterson or the arm of Brett Favre. They’ll need every bit of both as the Dallas Cowboys defense has been dominating and the Tony Romo-led offense seems to have found it’s stride.


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