Minnesota Vikings Tickets – To Favre or Not to Favre

by on July 26, 2009 updated July 26, 2009

 I don’t really know why I’ve decided to write about the Minnesota Vikings without knowing whether Brett Favre will sign or not. This is really the biggest story going on right now with the Vikings. I might be convinced Favre could make a difference in the Minnesota quest for a Super Bowl but it would take some big convincing. I don’t see him as anyone’s savior.

 The simple fact is that this team lives on Adrian Peterson and deservedly so. The guy is a beast. He played in every game, carried over 400 times, and got better as the season wore on. If there’s any room for improvement in Petersons game it’s as a receiver. If he ever gets that going big time you might as well reserve his spot in the Hall of Fame.

 Disregarding the chance of Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings can choose between Sgae Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson. Rosenfels may be more reliable and have more upside. His stats reflect a style of play that fits the system. Completing over 60% of his passes, a quick release, and good footwork probably seperate him from the competition. On the other hand Jackson is a purer athlete and shows flashes of stardom. His headwork seems to be keeping him in check as he doesn’t recognize the chance to run and sometimes forces throws into coverage.

 No matter who’s behind center, Bernatd Berrian should come through in a big way. Exploding on the scene with 48 catches and 7 Td’s, he’s a deep threat that can’t be ignored bu a defense. His presence on the field has helped Peterson exploit the ground game.

 And then there’s the defense. The Minnesota Vikings topped all other NFL teams last season in stopping the run. Is that a fluke? Somewhat. The Vikings weren’t great against the pass, ranking 18th. The strength of this defense is in the line, where Jared Allen and the Williams Wall make everything happen. Unfortunately they’ve lost safety Darren Sharper but expect Tyrell Johnson to step in. Antoine Williams is probably their best corner which means Cedric Griffin will get a lot of balls thrown his way in 2009.

Bottom Line for Vikings Tickets Holders - This could be your year. You”ve got the defense and the best running back in the NFL, a sure Pro Bowl guy. Whether you have a quarterback already on the roster or Brett Favre in your future is a key issue in making the playoffs.  


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