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by on August 20, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


NFL Football Tickets


Peyton Manning has already solidified his spot in Canton at the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.  He’s won a Superbowl ring.  His statistics are eye-popping.  But, his first two gigs in the preseason with the Denver Broncos didn’t look so good.  He’s thrown three interceptions and no touchdowns.  Now, if this was any quarterback outside of the top 10 quarterbacks, then most people would be asking for his butt to go somewhere else.  With Peyton, this won’t even be slightly the case.

Two of the three interceptions that Manning threw were tipped.  With those kind of interceptions, it’s always hard to put full blame on the quarterback.  The other was overthrown, which didn’t look like Peyton.  The thing that impressed me when he played the Seattle Seahawks is that after throwing a pick he came back and marched down the field like the old Peyton did.  This burst would end up leading to a Willis McGahee touchdown.  Plus, he actually did throw a touchdown, but wide receiver Brandon Stokley dropped it.

So all of you Broncos fans out there, do not worry.  Even though this is Peyton Manning, he isn’t a miracle worker.  He can’t fully learn the offense in two or three months without having some mistakes.  By the regular season when it comes time to play Pittsburgh, Manning will show up.  One thing that Manning gets from this is knowledge of what he’s doing right.  Peyton will shine against the Steelers in the first game for the Broncos.  Don’t worry.

So Broncos fans, come see your new quarterback perform like his old self.  Get your tickets now at, and don’t miss out on possibly the closest thing to a miracle worker.


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