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NFL tickets now bring you The Might Kansas City Chiefs. If there’s a Kansas City Chiefs Bandwagon now might be the time to jump on it. But, it’s been so long since the Chiefs had any kind of success the bandwagon may still be being built. But hear me now and believe me later the Kansas City Chiefs currently hold sole possession of the AFC West lead. That will change in a few hours when the Denver Broncos finish beating the crap out of the Oakland Raiders but for now that’s how it is.


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At this point in the season Kansas City has done enough to make them 3-0. That’s after a season in which they won a total of two games. But with victories over the Jacksonville Jaguars (Ok, I know), then the Dallas Cowboys, and now the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City is well on their way to establishing a trend, igniting hope in their fans and once again proving that playing sound fundamental football is how you win games.

That philosophy was on display when the Chiefs beat the Eagles, a team widely heralded as ushering in a new wave of offensive football ala Chip Kelly and his super fast high speed overdrive offensive scheme. Only it didn’t work. Kansas City opted to play a basic defense, line up man to man, and force Philadelphia to beat them with talent. And it worked, giving Andy Reid vindication and Kansas City an unblemished record.

Now I’m not fool enough to think the Chiefs are going to go undefeated. This is still a team with some struggles ahead. But Alex Smith at quarterback means a high completion percentage and few drive killing mistakes. The Chiefs ground game is in good hands with Jamal Charles. Nothing flashy here folks, just moving the yardsticks.

The Chiefs won’t win the AFC West but they’ve put themselves in excellent position early in the season and a Wild Card spot in the playoffs is a real possibility if Kansas City continues to play mistake free football. And that’s a good reason to help build that bandwagon.

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