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by on September 19, 2010 updated September 19, 2010

 I spent last night at my daughters house watching the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game. First of all you have to understand that my son-in-law is a huge Notre Dame fan. So most of my night was spent making comments about how Notre Dame had fallen and why. Still, I thought the Fighting Irish played a really good game and showed lots of guts. But the real guts came from Michigan State. In the first possesion of overtime Notre Dame kicked a field goal to go up by 3. So naturally, Michigan State lines up for a field goal on fourth down and I’m thinking “Man, this is about a 40something yard field goal. Tough position for this kid.”

 Whoa!!! It’s a fake, and Michigan State lays out a perfect spiral and scores a touchdown. Amazing gutsy call and an amazing finish to a really good game. Tough break for the Irish and my heart goes out to them.


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