Michael Vick – Only the Lonely

by on December 26, 2012 updated December 26, 2012


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The long and winding journey of Michael Vick is likely to take another path after this NFL season is over, one that could lead him to Arizona or someplace equally desperate. The bottom line is that Vick’s time as an Eagle is over. He’ll be cast out with Andy Reid and a slew of others such is the NFL.

But only the loneliest of NFL franchises would be inclined to take a chance on Vick at this point. His inconsistency, and baggage, preclude his movement to a winning organization. If you’ve got an NFL franchise on an upward progression, or one already established as competitive, why would you want Michael Vick? Despite an obviously athletic set of skills, he has yet to prove that he can be a solid NFL quarterback. Flashes of talent are all he’s ever shown and his baggage is so great that the alienation of a certain percentage of fans is inevitable.

Which leaves who? The Arizona Cardinals? The Oakland Raiders? I’d suggest Jacksonville but native son Tim Tebow is a much more attractive candidate for the Jaguars.

More than likely, Vick will be given a chance. But it won’t be somewhere he’d pick if he had any say in the matter at all. He’ll have to take his chances and play on a struggling team. he had his shot and likely won’t get many more.

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