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by on November 9, 2012 updated November 9, 2012


Miami Heat Tickets


The Miami Heat have begun their defense of the NBA Championship by going 4-1 and working on their defense. If there’s a weak spot to begin the season, Miami found it  and paid attention to it and may have fixed it. But if the Heat begin to struggle defensively they can always turn their stock in trade, which is scoring points by the bundle.

It probably shouldn’t surprise us. After all the Miami Heat were in the Top 10 offensively last season, a campaign that saw them rely heavily on the rise of LeBron James as he turned into that Big Game Freak everyone always knew he could be. What’s unusual or different about this new season is the way the Miami Heat have decentralized scoring, moving into more of a team philosophy, and creating that all around champion that’s so scary for other NBA teams.

At this point the Miami Heat have used practically everyone to win games. One game it was James, Ray Allen has had his chance to hit the final bucket. Chris Bosh has been a force. And every player on the team is piling up assists like grapes in a grocery basket. The rest of the basketball world has to see this as very very scary. A Miami team that has LeBron James, but doesn’t need him to win, is almost a given to ruin your day.

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