Miami Heat Tickets – Riley to the Rescue?

by on November 25, 2010 updated November 25, 2010

After watching the Miami Heat and New Orleans Hornets live, and several other Miami Heat games on the tube, I’m convinced the Heat have problems. this isn’t just a rough start. The Miami Heat have some problems, fundamental problems. wade isn’t playing up to par and Chris Bosh is getting pushed around like a rookie. This team is a far cry from the anticipated neighborhood bully they were expected to be.

Could it be the wade just isn’t buying into the whole LeBron deal? Maybe he’s got the red ass by not being the focal point of the team anymore. Or maybe Bosh is just cruising or even overrated. Maybe that famous chemistry issue is really there.

Or maybe the Miami Heat just need a strong authority figure to step in and ream some people out. Who better than Pat Riley for that project? Riley put this team together. Unless Spoelstra can weave some unity and team play out of this thing and get on a winning track, I think Riley will be forced to step in and save what was built up to be a spectacular season, but is now in danger of turning into a farce.


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