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by on June 24, 2014 updated June 24, 2014

 Is the Dream Over for the Miami Heat?

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 We’ve watched the Miami Heat go to four consecutive NBA Championships, capturing two of them. We’ve watched the media frenzy, the microscopic examinations of the ultimate franchise, the analysis of building a dynasty. The Miami Heat have drawn more attention in the last four years than any other franchise in the NBA. But is it all over?

The agent for LeBron James has announced that his client will opt out of his contract, for which he was to be paid $20 million in the upcoming season and will offer his services on the free agent market for next season. With Dwyane Wade having the same option along with Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat that take to court later in the year could have a completely different look than the one that has thrilled Heat ticket holders for so long. If James decides to sign elsewhere, and he may or may not, what will happen to the other two? Can they be effective without LeBron? It’s almost unimaginable that this trio won’t share the same court in American Airlines Arena anymore. But….change was inevitable.

After all, Miami did not win an NBA Championship this season. Dwyane Wade is an aging athlete with shaky knees. Chris Bosh hasn’t been an unstoppable force. He’s been a good but not dominant guy in the middle. With no ring this season, and the future looking shaky, James may be casting his eye around the NBA for a team that needs one more spark plug to make it happen. With 11 seasons in the league it would be understandable if he felt like Miami was no longer the place for his dreams to come true.


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