Miami Dolphins Tickets – Ride the Ganja Express

by on November 14, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 Word is out today that Ricky Williams is returning to the Miami Dolphins. After a short stint in the CFL and numerous brushes with the NFL drug policy, Williams has been cleared to play again and Miami has two weeks to evaluate his ability to contribute. In my mind the odds are that Williams will get his cahnce to play, possibly as early as the Monday Night football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

 Dolphins ticket holders, currently suffering through a winless season, should welcome Williams back with open arms. The Dolphins running game is sorely missing Ronnie Brown. The question is whether Williams is in shape and whether the long layoffs have eroded his skills. If they get the Ricky Williams who led all runners in 2002 Miami might manage a win before the end of the year. Just one win would spell high times in Miami

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