Miami Dolphins Tickets – Phins Making Waves

by on December 13, 2009 updated December 13, 2009

 That dang Bill Parcells just seems to know how to build tough teams. I knew when he went to the Miami Dolphins that the team would get better. In his first season the Dolphins went from worst in the NFL to best in the AFC East. It was a shocking reversal even for me. I figured the Dolphins were a year or two away. I was wrong.

 So when Miami got off to a rough start in the 2009 NFL season my thoughts were that last season was simply a fluke and the Miami Dolphins were returning to form as a team in the rebuilding mode. No it seems that I may be wrong again. Over the last few weeks the Miami Dolphins have defined guts, clawing their way back into the AFC playoff picture. Miami is now 7-6, opne game down from the Patriots in the division. The Dolphins have done it the hard way, clawing out wins over those same New England Patriots and knocking off a surging Jacksonville Jaguars squad. With New England faltering it’s not impossible to envision the Miami Dolphins claiming another AFC East title. And the Big Tuna just keeps swimming.


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