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At least the Miami Dolphins are making an honest effort. Spurned by top available coaches and top free agents on every turn, the Dolphins still managed to put together a new staff that has potential. IF Joe Philbin can get this thing moving in the right direction the Miami Dolphins can start to attract some free agents, and some fans, to SunLife Stadium.

To begin with, Joe Philbin is a solid pick as Head Coach. Not flashy or outrageous but verystealthily good. Philbin was the man behind the scenes for the Green Bay Packers, putting together effective offensive schemes every week. Together with Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman they should be able to assemble a game plan that keeps Miami in contention every week. The challenge is keeping things together through the tough times sure to come. Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehil is going to experience some growing pains if he starts and it’s expected he will. We’re looking for the Dolphins to be a primarily ground based team with Reggie Bush handling the running duties and short passes out of the backfield. Unfortunately Miami has no obvious threats at wide receiver, only journeymen, although Clyde Gates offers some interesting prospects on the deep side.

The Miami defense is more of a bright spot. This unit is actually fairly good, often keeping their team in games last season, only to watch as an inept offense sputtered and stalled. The scheme will change to a 4-3, meaning there’s going to be some player moves but most starters from 2011 will be on the field. Like any 6-10 team the Miami Dolphins will be trying to p[lug in younger players to help them develop. This is a long term project and though it would be nice to see some improvement from 2011, realistically the Dolphins will be lucky to go 8-8.

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