Mavericks Rally to Tie Series

by on June 5, 2011 updated June 5, 2011

For those of you beginning to think that the Miami Heat were going to just roll over the Dallas Mavericks, a wakeup call was issued the other night. It wasn’t difficult to conceive though, after watching the Heat tear Dallas up in Game 1. Then came the news of the injury to Dirk Nowitzki and things were not looking good for Mavericks fans.

But all that changed in Game 2 in Miami. What looked like an easy win for the Miami Heat turned into a huge comeback for the Mavericks. What is going to be interesting now is to see which team can seize the moment and turn that Mavericks win into real motivation.

At first glance it seems that the Dallas Mavericks would get more out of it than Miami. After all, the Mavericks have been looked on as a kind of underdog here, a second tier team playing a team some say represents the next dynasty in the NBA. If nothing else, a comeback win like this reinforces confidence and with the next two games at home, the Dallas Mavericks appear to have gotten a huge mental boost with the win.

The Miami Heat however, have been nothing but resilient in this NBA season. Written off more than once, they’ve always rebounded well, well enough to put themselves into the NBA Finals. It could just be that this loss is going to light a fire under the Miami Heat, motivating then to fulfill what many see as their role in leading the NBA into the future. Love them or hate them the Miami Heat represent a major shift in the league.

Who is going to rise up and take control? Part of the answer will come tonight in Dallas.


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