Manning, Sherman, and the Super Bowl

by on January 28, 2014 updated January 28, 2014

 Lest anyone forget, the Super Bowl is right around the corner. Tickets are still available here. let’s also remember that this Super Bowl, like all NFL games, will be decided by 22 men on the field at one time. I say this because it seems to me that media coverage has boiled this down to a matchup between Richard Sherman and Peyton Manning.

 And it is of course. Both Sherman and Manning will have a big part in the final results. Both could make key plays that deceide the outcome of the Super Bowl. For Manning, it’s the touchdown pass or the key interception. For Sherman it’s the big pick or pass defense or possibly the huge stumble that gives up the big play.

 Peyton Manning has other weapons though. If Sherman has a receiver blanketed, he can run the ball or throw away from him. Sherman can mix up his coverages, come on a blitz, or play the run to perfection. Each will contribute in his own way. But remember, there are 20 other guys on the field besides Sherman and Manning. I’ve got a feeling at least one of those guys will do something that turns the tide of the game?

 Oh, and our prediction for the winner? Come back later.

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