Major League Baseball Playoff Picture – American League

by on September 11, 2013 updated September 11, 2013

Is it that time already? I reckon so. The season is rapidly coming to a close and the desperate battle for playoff spots are shaping up more clearly. Today we look at the American League


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Boston Red Sox – The Red Sox have nothing to fear from anyone within their division. They’ve all but mathematically locked up their spot in the playoffs. What’s more, they’re playing very well and have momentum heading into the post-season. Avoid injury and the Boston Red Sox will be in line for a World Series appearance.

Detroit Tigers – At 84 – 62 the Detroit Tigers have a very good lock in the AL Central and it doesn’t look like anyone can keep them from claiming the title. The Tigers challenge will be winning within the American League once the playoffs start. getting past Boston is a big question based on their recent matchup in which the Tigers alowed 20 runs. Still, most see this as a fluke and once you’re in the post-season anything can happen.

Oakland A’s – While the Texas Rangers could make a run, it looks like Oakland will secure the top spot in the AL West.


The Wild Card scenario is much closer and could change on a daily basis. Currently we have the Rangers leading the bracket for the Wild Card and the Tampa Bay Rays right behind them. But if you look behind the Rays there’s a bevy of teams still in the hunt. The New York Yankees are a single game behind. After that we have Baltimore and Cleveland trailing by a mere half a game behind the Yankees. Even the Royals are only two games back. These last few weeks of play will be fairly intense as those last spots are sought with every ounce any baseball manager can summon.

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