Major League Baseball Playoff Party – The Invites

by on September 5, 2013 updated September 5, 2013

MLB tickets are gearing up to bring fans what they’ve wanted all season long, a trip to the playoffs and a chance at World Series glory. It’s like an early Christmas present and there are several teams who have put themselves iin position to be reaching under the baseball tree in 2013. There are also some outliers, a few teams that seem to be coming on but will have to hustle and clean up their act for the baseball Santa Claus to make them happy.


MLB Baseball Tickets



The league has released the schedule and the action begins with the National League Wildcard games on October 1st. Let’s get into this thing and see who might still be swinging the bat when October rolls around.

Atlanta Braves – The Braves are pulling their annual “We’re the best in the AL East” act and have a 14-game lead over Washington. Just go ahead and pencil in Atlanta for the postseason.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Holy Moly, it’s the Pirates running rampant in the NL Central. Well, maybe not rampant but Pittsburgh has a winning season in the books for the first time in ages and the Steel City is loving it. The Pirates will have to keep winning though as St. Louis and Cincinnati are both still withing striking distance. I’m going with the trend and calling Pittsburgh a playoff team.

LA Dodgers – LA has a comfortable lead in the NL West so go ahead and get your playoff tickets now while you still can if you live on the Best Coast.

Boston Red Sox – If you watched the Red Sox steamroll Detroit the other day you know this team is in full playoff mode already. Yes, they’re playing the Yankees this weekend but don’t expect the boys from the Bronx to slow down this train.

Detroit Tigers – Those same Tigers who got blasted by the Sox will have to be a resilient bunch to get over that pasting. But one day does not a season make so with a half a dozen gamesĀ  worth of cushion the Detroit Tigers will be treating their fans to some postseason parties.

Texas Rangers or Oakland A’s? – Too close to call a division winner but both the A’s and Rangers will make the playoffs and provide Major league Baseball fans with the best division race in baseball this season.



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