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by on February 20, 2013 updated February 20, 2013


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Major League Baseball is back and we’re going to pick it apart, starting with the Baltimore Orioles. Why the Orioles you say? because alphabetically they’re first. So here we go.

The Baltimore Orioles are coming off of a pretty solid season in which they managed to accomplish some long elusive goals. A playoff spot was sweet buy hey, even breaking above .500 was sweet for long suffering Orioles ticket holders. So what do those ever hopeful Orioles ticket holders look to see in 2013?

Pitching should be in pretty good shape. As spring training arrives the basics of the rotation lie in the arms of Miguel Gonzales and Jason Hammel with ample doses of  Wei-Yin Chen. Hammel and Gonzales will be new faces on the Orioles roster. Chen will be familiar, having won a dozen games last season. If the two new arms can keep their spots, Baltimore will have to decide on another pitcher but that won’t be decided until the spring has passed.

If Baltimore is to maintain their momentum they’ll have to improve their offensive output. J.J. Hardy is fairly steady but needs to get better when the chips are on the line. The top of the roster should be more productive if Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis can stay healthy and in the lineup. Adan Jones returns as the sweep guy while Chris Davis looks to be the best hitter yet again. From there it’s a pretty steep dropoff and Orioles tickets won’t be taking you deep into the plyoffs until they do, although Wilson Betemit should be reliable.

The Orioles are getting better and Orioles tickets are growing in value but momentum needs to be maintained in the 2013 MLB season. Residing in a division with the Yankees probably means playing for a Wild Card spot.


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