Magic are Magic

by on May 18, 2009 updated May 18, 2009

 It seems almost inevitable when you look back. After watching the Chicago Bulls push the Boston Celtics hard, I expressed the opinion that maybe these Celtics wouldn’t be back as conference champions. Much to the dismay of those NBA fans looking for a pivotal series between the Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston bit the dust last night in a 19 point loss to the Magic on their own home court.

 While a showdown between the up and coming Cavaliers and the ethereal Celtics may have made good press, I think the Orlando-Cleveland series could be evn better. Two hungry teams, both starved for NBA Championship tickets, battling it pout? What could be better?

 Across the country the Los Angeles Lakers extended their legacy with a decisive win over the Houston Rockets. The bad news is that now they have to face a Denver Nuggets team that seems to be on a mission. Will we get to see that golden NBA Finals that features the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers? The answer is still in doubt. Don’t be surprised if there’s a surprise.   


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