LT to Jets – Quinn to Broncos

by on March 14, 2010 updated March 14, 2010

 This is starting to become an interesting offseason for those of is with NFL tickets. The movement of players is starting to happen and there’s been some big ones today.

 The Denver Broncos have made another move at quarterback, trading with the Cleveland Browns to get Brady Quinn. Once hailed as a hometown hero Quinn became expendable when the Browns signed ex-Panther jake Delholme. Kind of an odd move to me considering Jake’s recent woes under center. Why trade a young guy with promise for a guy nearing the end of his career who shows all the signs of losing it?

 Meanwhile the New York Jets continued their action by signing Ladanian Tomlinson, former San Dioego Chargers running back. Does L.T. have anything left in the tank or is this just a publicity move? Time will tell.


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