LSU Tigers to Watch

by on August 14, 2007 updated August 24, 2007

 While Dancin Dave tries to come up with some reasons the Oklahoma Sooners will win the BCS National Championship I’ll stick close to home and look at LSU Tigers tickets.

 After hours of tailgating at LSU, make your entrance into Death Valley. If you can get your bloodshot eyes to focus on the field keep one eye peeled for these Tigers:

Early Doucet – The Tigers Senior wide receiver will be the go-to guy in the passing game. Doucet played in the shadow of Dwayne Bowe last season and still notched almost 60 catches and 8 touchdowns. It wouldn’t surprise me to see 100 catches and 15 TD’s in 2007.

Glenn Dorsey – LSU’s fearsome defensive tackle made mincemeat of opposing offensive linemen in 2006 and he’ll do it again in 2007.

Tyson Jackson – Lining up with Dorsey means Jackson can run free from the defensive end position. He’ll register double digit sacks this season.

Special Teams- LSU has needed a burner here. There’s some talk that Trindon Holiday may be the man. He only returned a handful of kickoffs last season but posted a 30-+ yard average.

Gary Crowton – Look to the coaches box for this one. The LSU Tigers new offensive coordinator is known for being unpredictable and effective. Crowton had Oregon at the top of the PAC 10 in passing yards and turned the Chicago Bears into a passing team. Need we say more?

Matt Flynn – As Crowton’s passing attack goes so goes Matt Flynn. Can he possibly top JaMarcus Russell? I won’t go that far. But there are some who say he will. Flynn will have the advantage of a more pass oriented offense than Russell ever did and he shows all the attributes of a top flight college QB.

Stay tuned for Dancin Dave and his Sooner Report::::::  


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