LSU Tigers Tickets – Texas Longhorns Tickets

by on September 27, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

 Set your sights on Oct. 6th and be in Death Valley for one of the most important college football games of the year with LSU Tigers tickets. The Tigers will be taking on the Florida Gators in a  game that will have a direct bearing on who ends up in the BCS National Championship.

Meanwhile, one state over, the Oklahoma Sooners will be taking on the Texas Longhorns in Dallas. The Sooners are Dancin Dave’s favorite team. He’ll be picking them to blow out the Longhorns, choosing with his heart rather than his pea brain.

If you can walk, run, fly, or crawl these are must see college football games. Where that crystal trophy ends up will hinge on the outcome of contests in Baton Rouge and dallas.


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