Living Large in Las Vegas

by on August 4, 2007 updated August 10, 2007

 Summer is almost over. Time to take a break from the kiddies and head for a little adult fun. That means a trip to Las Vegas. But rather than lose the kid’s tuition at the crap tables, try a Las Vegas excursion that includes some of the best Las Vegas shows. Here’s a look at some of the hottest acts in the desert oasis. And remember ladies, this may be your last chance to drag hubby away from the magnet that is the NFL before the regular season starts. Or, it may be the best way to escape while he’s glued to the seats of his local stadium.

Elton John – After wrapping up amjor tour Elton John will be settling in Las Vegas through November. Elton John concert tickets are a gauranteed pass to an over the top show and catching the Rocket man in the smaller venue of Caesars Palace beats a billion people arena any day.

 Celine Dion – Slated through September, Celine Dion concert tickets are a gift from the music gods. Remember when she retired to nurse her husband? Many thought Celine Dion would never hit the stage again. Now she’s packing Caesars Palace. With no certainy for future concerts, catch Celine Dion while you can.

Danny Gans – Catch a basket full of stars with Danny Gans tickets. Gans has earned his own theater at the Mirage with his repertoire of celebrity impressions. With a full schedule of shows, Danny Gans is easy to fit into your itinerary.

Barry Manilow – Who can pass up Barry Manilow? Not your wife or mine. Manilow brings his crooning to the Las Vegas Hilton through October. Seems to me that Barry Manilow is destined to become the next Wayne Newton.


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